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I just have one more day of work and then I am going to be part time.  I'm super excited.  That means I work today, get Thursday off, and go in for a double shift on Friday.  But that's ok--I'm just really happy to have my schedule set up how I want it so I can spend a little time with my girls before I go to school.

I got an email from my psychology professor the other day reminding everyone that this was an early start class....which I did not realize when I signed up for it.  I guess I should have paid more attention when I signed up.  Oops.  Anyways, it starts on May 19th instead of June, but that might be kind of good anyways.  I was hoping to start classes ASAP, and this will kind of give me a chance to ease into it with one class starting in May and the second on in June.  She's said she'd have a syllabus ready in a few weeks.  So I assume that means before class starts?  And it will tell us what textbook we need so we can buy it? Right? I don't know what I'm doing--it's been a really long time since I was in school and I'm kind of freaking out over the small stuff.  I haven't even gotten my high school transcript to them yet.  I had my school send it to me instead of to the college, so now I have to physically bring it into them unopened and hope they'll accept it.  But I can do that tomorrow or Friday because we are going up there anyways to pick up a new (used) car!

Yes, we finally decided we are going to need two cars.  My husband and I have always been kind of joined at the hip and have the same schedule for everything.  Except for in the summers and during harvest season when he works for the farmer.  He started doing that a couple weeks ago.  In the past, his boss has given him this old little beat up truck to drive around.  But last year it was having some problems and over the winter, it completely died.  So instead of giving him the truck, his boss is just going to pay for his gas.  Which means he has to take our truck and I'd be stranded at home with the girls, and if I have to go to school or work, that's not going to work out.  We've always talked about getting a second car eventually but at this point it kind of became a necessity.  I was really opposed to it at first--I really don't want to have two vehicle payments at once, but you do what you've got to do.  Plus I just hate car shopping.  Seriously, it is the worst type of shopping ever.  You drive into the car lot and the salesmen are just standing there hovering like vultures.  You can't just go look at a car without being attacked--it's ridiculous. I know they're just doing their jobs and they have to make a living and all, but I still hate it.  We had a pretty low budget since we want to keep our payments pretty low and affordable.  We drove into the first car lot and of course within ten seconds some kid starts walking towards us before we can drive away.  My husband is driving and I'm in the passenger seat like, "Go! Just go! Drive away!"  But of course, he's a rational person who doesn't have an unhealthy amount of social anxiety like I do, so he just sat there and talked to the kid.  We told him what our budget was and he's like, "Oh, you're going to have to spend at least $5000 more to get anything decent."  All smug and condescending.  That really annoyed me.  Like, this is my money and I will spend it however I want to, thank you very much.  Don't freaking tell me what to do.  So that was the start of our day of car shopping and it was very frustrating and discouraging.  We just tried to get out of there as fast as possible and move on to the next place.

The salesmen at the other dealerships were actually much better though, so that was good.  We test drove a few cars, and they always have to ride with you when you do that, so a lot of times they'll try to talk to you about the car and tell you how great it is and blah blah blah.  It's a little obnoxious.  There was one guy though who just sat there and didn't say anything and we almost ended up buying that car.  But we decided to go with a different one instead.  It's a Volkswagon Jetta with a diesel engine, which I was a little skeptical about at first, but after talking to a lot of people who have one, it seems like it's going to work out great for us.  Plus I liked the way it drove.  I've been driving pretty much nothing but pickups for seven years and a lot of the cars I test drove just felt too lightweight and touchy.  The diesel jetta drove a little bit more like a truck.  It felt more...sturdy, I guess.  But my favorite part about it is that it gets 30-40 miles per gallon.  That's just the estimate when they market the brand new ones.  Diesel engines take a while to break in, though, and can get better gas mileage over time.  All the people I talked to said theirs gets closer to 50mpg on the highway, sometimes even more than that.  So yeah, I will have to pay a little bit more for the diesel.  But that gets pretty cheap here in the summer anyways because of all the farming.  40 miles per gallon though--you have no idea how happy that makes me.  The pickup we drive now only gets about 10 and I die a little inside every time we have to fill it up.  It's my husband's baby though and he works his butt off to pay for it so I can't complain.  I'm just excited to have a car that we can take to Utah to visit my family or go to Twin Falls for fun and not have to feel guilty about the gas we're wasting.

Anyways, we were the very first people to look at the car.  The dealership hadn't even had time to do a thorough inspection on it.  So there were a few minor things that needed fixing.  They had to replace the oil pan so that part should be in and installed by tomorrow, maybe Friday, and then we can go pick it up.  We've already signed all the papers for it and everything.

We also got some really good news from the county this week.  We were denied medicaid coverage for Lexi's hospital bills, with came out to a grand total of $80,000+ when all was said and done.  So we applied to the county for assistance, and we just found out that we got approved for that.  They do this really awesome thing too where they go back to the hospital if the bill is over $50,000 and have people evaluate everything and make sure that you aren't being overcharged for anything.  Of course, hospitals are pretty notorious for overcharging people, and there were a few things on our statement that we'd been overcharged for.  The biggest one was the life-flight from here to Twin Falls.  They charged us over $9,000 for it and when the county gave us the revised statement, it was only $2,500.  Still expensive, but not completely unwarranted since they had to bring a team in from Boise to Burley and then to Twin Falls.  I don't get it, but whatever.  Anyways, the county is also contracted with the hospital somehow so that they end up being able to get a much lower rate than we could for everything, so in the end, we only ended up owing $36,000.  That's still a pretty hefty amount, and we do have to repay it to the county, but it's interest free and the payments are manageable.  We have to give them anything we make on our tax returns or anything we get from winning the lottery or whatever (yeah, right) and it may take us ten years to pay back.  But that's ok.  I'm just relieved to know that it's all taken care of now. $36,000 is a heck of a lot easier to pay off than $80,000.

We celebrated Piper's third birthday on Saturday.  That was really fun.  I made her a cake and decorated it...badly.  But it was delicious and she liked blowing out the candles.  She made us do that four or five times :P  We got her some magnetic paper dolls, some crayola color wonder markers and paper (because she has been drawing all over the house and I am tired of scrubbing crayon off the floor) and some sidewalk chalk for outside.  I love the sidewalk chalk because she just goes out there with Nacho and sits on the cement in our backyard and colors for hours.  I can see her from the window while I do chores or work on my writing or art and I don't have to feel guilty that she's watching too much TV.  It's getting pretty nice outside here recently, so it's good that she can go out and play.  I like having a fenced yard at this house so that I don't have to worry so much about her wandering off.  At our old house, the yard wasn't fenced and we had a canal right in front of the house, so I never let her go out by herself.  There are way too many kids who drown in the river and canals around here and it scares me to death.  I can't even imagine.  Anyways, I'm glad that isn't a problem here because she loves to play outside and I don't always have time to go out there with her.

My family decided to come up and visit for Easter weekend.  I'm hoping my mom will be able to take the girls on Friday overnight while I am at work so they'll have some good quality time with grandma and grandpa and all the uncles.  I still haven't totally worked out all the details and new babysitting schedule with Alejandro's mom.  She did talk me into coloring my own hair though, so I think I am going to try that sometime next week.  She said it was easy.  I hope she's right.  It could be interesting.  I kind of want to go just a shade or two lighter, but we'll see.  I decided to start growing it out, too, because I'm missing how long it used to be.  That's going to take like a thousand years because it's curly, so if it grows at all it just curls up and looks like nothing happened.

Also, they put House MD on Netflix and that makes me happy.  I always used to watch an episode here or there when I caught it on TV and I loved it, but never had a chance to watch it all the way through.  But now I can. And I think that's really all of the not-so-exciting news in my life.  Adios for now!
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