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So my laptop broke last week. I have no idea what happened, but I unplugged it from the wall to go sit on the couch and type something, and it randomly shut itself off and then wouldn't turn on at all.  I tried a whole bunch of things but had no luck, so I finally just took it in to the computer repair place on Thursday to have it looked at.   The computer shop was supposed to call Monday to tell me what was wrong with it and let me know how much it would cost to fix it (hopefully not too much), but I still haven't heard from them so I'm going to have to run over there later today to ask. The timing was pretty horrible because I started classes on Monday, and when you have online classes and no computer, it can make life a little inconvenient. I discovered that my school has a computer lab though, so I've been using that.  The computers here are really nice.  It does mean I have to leave the girls with my mother in law for a few hours after my classes, but I think I actually get more work done this way anyways so it's not so bad.

So far school is going good.  I was freaking out about my biology class a little bit because it's four credits and I hate science and I suck at it.  But I went to it yesterday and we got the syllabus and it looks like it might actually be fun.  We are going to dissect a bunch of things, including possibly a heart, so that could be interesting.  The biology class I took in high school was stupid and we spent most of the year just talking about cells, which was super boring and I was afraid this class was going to be something like that.  But it's not and my instructor seems cool so, yay!

I finally got all of my transfer credits/classes figured out with Utah State.  I ended up registering for an extra class this semester to fulfill a Breadth of Creative Arts credit or something, which is one of USU's general ed requirements.  The list of classes that would actually transfer to fill that requirement was really short and limited, so I just picked the one that sounded the least boring and awful. It's a jazz class of some kind--just an introductory class where we listen to music and learn to identify certain styles and understand the history behind it.  I don't really know.  I figured that after four years of playing in the jazz band in high school (I used to play the baritone sax), it shouldn't be too bad.  And then the guy at USU worked out the classes I should be taking for winter semester too.  They actually did me a really huge favor and decided to accept my English class for this semester to fulfill my English requirement there.  It's actually a different English class that transfers to fulfill that requirement--one that I had to have this class for as a prerequisite, so I was going to have to take another English class next semester.  Which wouldn't have been too bad since I like English, but it's really nice knowing I don't have to do that now anyways.  And then they also are going to let me take the statistics class here and transfer that down there too, which is another class that I know is not really on their transfer list so that was another favor.  So I'll have Statistics, two social work classes (exciting!) and a humanities class that I still haven't decided on.  Also, I found this super awesome scholarship/grant thing at USU.  It's for children of alumni and it allows you to waive the out of state portion of your tuition.  Since my mom graduated from USU, I think I qualify for it.  I'll have to see after I apply to USU in winter, but it made me happy because out of state tuition is expensive and I would have to pay that my first year until we had Utah residency.

So, since I added that extra class, I now have four classes (13 credits) instead of 3.  The bad news about adding another class is that I signed up to work another shift every week, so I would be almost full-time at work AND full-time at school.  Obviously that's not going to work.  I could, technically, but I'm trying to be a halfway decent mom here, too, so I need to spend a little time with my kids.  The September schedule for work is already made though so I'm going to have to put up with it for a month and just try to pass off some of my shifts to whoever wants them.  Hopefully that won't be too difficult.  There were a few girls at work who were supposed to start school this week too, but CSI screwed up their financial aid (this is such a high-quality institution *rolls eyes*) so they can't start now and maybe will want a few extra days of work.  We'll see.

The good news about adding another class is that it bumped me up from part-time to full-time status, so CSI adjusted my financial aid since I had only applied as a part-time student.  That gives me double what I had before, so all of my classes and books are paid for and I should be getting a nice refund too.  That will be nice since I now have to pay to get my computer fixed.  I'll probably also try to get glasses, too, since I lost mine at Costco a couple months ago and they still haven't turned up in lost and found.  My eyes aren't terrible and I do ok without them, but I like to wear them when I watch TV and at night when I drive.  And it would be nice to have them to wear for class so that I don't have to sit in the front row every day.

In other news, I finished my draft of my book a few weeks ago! Yay!  Maybe I mentioned that before, I don't know.  I'm still excited about it though.  I've been dying to go back to book 1 and revise that, and wanted to spend my last weekend before school started doing that and reading theant4s story that she sent me to beta read again.  But then my laptop broke.  Lame.  I have all these ideas for revisions though and I just like book 1 so much better at this point than book 2 (probably just because book 2 has been a pain in my butt for the last two years).  Hurry up computer store! Fix my laptop!

Anyways, that's all the not-so-exciting news I have for now.  I'm super happy to be back in school and finally have a plan for transferring to USU.  It's going to be awesome!
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