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*breathes a huge sigh of relief* School is over! For a few more weeks, anyways.  Then it's back to stressing out over homework and papers and feeling guilty about letting Piper watch WAY too much TV just so I can get stuff done D:  But for now, I am going to enjoy the free time I have.  The semester went pretty well overall.  I ended up with an A in my cultural anthropology class. My professor gave me 100% on my research paper about gender and the one child policy in China.  I doubt it was that good--he's always super enthusiastic about my grades and I don't know if he's that way with everyone else but sometimes I just think maybe he used to teach kindergarten.  He actually sent me an email about my report that began with: "I actually lived in China for several years (my wife is Chinese)" and I winced a little like, oh crap, I screwed up something major, didn't I?  But then he went on to say how accurate my report was and just mentioned some other things that were really interesting to see from the point of view of someone who actually lived there.  Anyways, it was pretty awesome and I learned a TON of interesting stuff doing that report and now I have a better idea of how to integrate the whole population control issue in my story into different levels of the culture/society, which is something I never feel like I really delve into enough.  My world-building is kind of shallow.

I have no idea what I got in my American Government class yet and I am kind of stressing about it.  I had some major frustrations with my professor and she irritates the hell out of me.  None of our grades are posted--not even the ones for assignments we did the first week of school.  At the beginning of the semester she invited us to give her our home addresses with our assignments and said she would grade them and then mail them to us so that we could see what we were doing wrong and how to improve for the next assignment.  Sounds great, right?  I just barely got back my first assignment, and now I've already submitted everything else and there's no way to change anything, even though I know now what she was looking for from her notes on the graded assignment.  Except judging by those notes, she basically wanted us to read her mind or something because she brought up all of these things that she wanted me to include in my essay that were never even mentioned in the prompt at all.  She never posted any powerpoint slides or anything for us to read or do for the class except to read the chapters and then fill out all the term definitions.  Her tests were ridiculous at times, full of grammatical errors to the point that there were a few questions where I was confused about what she was even asking.  I don't know--little things like that add up and really annoy me.  Like, it was nice of her to offer to send back the graded assignments and essays, but if you're not going to do it in a timely fashion, then don't even bother!  And you're a freaking college professor! Learn to write complete sentences.  It's hard to respect the corrections and comments she wrote in my essay when she doesn't even use proper English herself.  -_-  And the busy-work assignments and complete lack of teaching (because I don't consider purely reading a textbook to be teaching)--I'm paying you to teach me this class and you're not even doing anything.

Yeah--I'm a little pissed about it.  I kind of left a harsh student-review for her class, as well as a review on that was...less than pleasant.  And you know what? It made me feel a little better, so there! :)  Whatever, I guess.  It's over now--no sense stressing over it.  If I end up with a crap grade though, I'm going to be annoyed.  I seriously have to get good grades so I can qualify for scholarships.  Our finances are tight as it is with me only working part time.

So, my plans for this short little summer break I have include picking up a few extra shifts at work, drawing, and finishing my story.  I only have five or six chapters left (assuming I don't run into more major problems that require major changes).  So that means getting one or two chapters done per week (you ready for that, theant4?) but that's reasonable, I think.  The last 2-3 chapters are scenes I have pretty extensive notes and excerpts for so that shouldn't be too bad.  It's just getting there that's the hard part.

But first, I must clean my house, because I totally let it get destroyed this past week while I tried to finish school stuff. My poor husband--he works his butt off all day every day and then comes home and everything is a wreck and I know it drives him crazy, but he was really understanding about it this week and even helped me do some laundry the other day because we all had nothing to wear. There's still a lot of laundry, but I did get the dishes done and swept everything up.  I blame Piper for most of the mess.  Seriously--you would be amazed at how much damage a three year old can do in an hour if you're not paying attention.  Last week she woke up in the middle of the night to paint her toenails with a bottle of my acrylics that she found somehow.  The carpet in her room is blue now.  Permanently.  We will definitely have to replace it before we move out.  *sigh* So many chores.  Sometimes being an adult sucks.  I miss the days when my mommy used to do my laundry and cook me dinner :P  

Next week I get to go to a family reunion for my mom's side of the family.  We are going camping in the middle of nowhere in the Utah mountains again, which should be fun.  I am kind of nervous about it though.  We took Piper when she was about four months old, I think, and she was horrible the whole time and woke up the entire camp with her screaming all night long.  Hopefully Lexi won't hate it as much.  The good thing about taking babies to family reunions, though, is that grandmas and aunts and uncles and everyone else wants to hold them and love them, which means I don't have to be glued to her 24/7.  I love her to death but it is nice to get a break every once in a while.

Yeah....well....I guess I really should go get working on some of that laundry I was talking about.  And figure out what we're going to have for dinner tonight.  It always feels like that is the mystery of the day, all day, every day.  Ugh, I hate folding laundry.
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